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Inmate uprisings are the foremost threats to prisons around the world. These usually involve widespread rioting, and amidst the carnage the inmates may take jailers or wardens hostage and seize control of the prison. The history of both the suppression of prison riots and the restoration of the status quo paints a bleak picture, with numerous injuries and casualties sustained in the process of restoring the peace.

Unique Considerations

Effectively managing these crises requires extensive knowledge of the premises, the leading and mediating individuals involved, the relationships between inmates and wardens, and other relevant phenomena, such as the “day after” effect. Only when these interconnected factors are taken into account can the situation be swiftly and safely managed.

ICMG offers courses, workshops and lectures based on extensive knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in Israel and abroad. They include both theoretical and practical elements as needed, and can be adapted to different languages, cultures, numbers of participants, and specific requirements.

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