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Large-scale disasters put the entire population under threat, and these can include natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding or ones caused by humans, such as malfunctioning chemical plants or explosions in gas pipes. These scenarios present unique challenges for crisis management, because they cover huge areas which have been devastated, driving large populations into a state of panic, hysteria and uncertainty. The resulting chaotic situation often needs to be resolved despite damaged means of communication.

Crises and Social Events

Violent brawls, mass entrenchment (sit-ins or blockades), riots and other social crises can put entire populations or sections of a population at risk. A comprehensive understanding of group psychology is absolutely essential to safely resolve these crises.

ICMG offers courses, workshops and lectures based on extensive knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in Israel and abroad. They include both theoretical and practical elements as needed, and can be adapted to different languages, cultures, numbers of participants, and specific requirements.

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