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Alon, Ilai. (2006). “Some Points in the Sunni Theology Regarding Heavenly Architecture in Islam.” Colloque International/International Seminar. Barcelona, The School of Architecture of Barcelona and the Contemporary Cultural Centre of Barcelona 2006. Abstract The main question addressed in this paper is whether Islam faced, from the architectural point of view, issues regarding the world-to-come and […]

Translator or Interpreter – Conducting Negotiations in a Foreign Language

In many crisis situations, we must cope with conducting negotiations in a foreign tongue with which our forces are not familiar. Naturally enough, we use a translator in such situations. In this article, I will consider a number of essential problems which need to be dealt with when working with a translator. What sort of […]

The Golden Hour in Crisis Events

Medical science uses the term ‘golden hour’ to describe those critical minutes at the beginning of a traumatic event in which swift and correct action will reduce the extent of the damage suffered by a patient and increase the chance of saving his/her life. As managers of crisis centres , we must be aware that in […]

The Cognitive Interview

The cognitive interview was originally developed by Fisher & Geiselman as a questioning instrument for witnesses and victims in various police incidents. The idea behind this interview is to make use of various techniques to yield a great deal of accurate information from the person being questioned. At first, the technique was used in post […]

Perceptions of Time and Their Impact on negotiations in the Arabic-Speaking Islamic World

Ilai Alon and Jeanne M. Brett This article examines how perceptions of time affect Arabic-speaking Islamic negotiators and how their attitudes about time, and their corresponding behaviors, may differ from those of their Western counterparts. We begin by identifying cultural differences in the conceptualization of time and then comment on the role of time in […]

Crisis Negotiation in Prison

Negotiation in detention facilities is a most important tool. A brief survey of incidents in prisons around the world indicates that most of them were very violent and took a considerable toll in casualties. Hostage taking: Jail, unlike in crisis negotiations of the outside world, serves as a catalyst for violent incidents, which generally involve […]

The Internet as an Intervention Tool in Various Crisis Situations

Today the internet and the ‘new media’ play a very important part in managing crisis situations. The new media is present in all kinds of such events, and for this reason instead of ignoring or fighting against it, it is better to know how to work with these tools and take advantage of them for […]